Design is a creative and technical process during which studies are conducted, plans are made, and a construction project is created. Design is a service in which the customer is consulted on technical issues and is advised on regulatory documents and legislation.{[}]{[}]We consider it to be extremely important that all parties get together before the planning of the building: the client, the designer, the builder and the manager. This ensures that the building will be built in a cost-effective manner and with a good final result.{[}]{[}]We design both residential and non-residential structures. When planning and designing buildings, we offer design project management; which ensures that all engineers involved in the design work can achieve the desired outcome.{[}]{[}]Construction consultancy is a professional technical consultation service during all phases of construction; including preparation, design, construction and operation.{[}]{[}]You may need counseling services, for example, when designing a business plan, planning a building extension or choosing a designer or builder. During the consultation service, we will find a solution to every technical issue.{[}]{[}]Unfortunately, often a specialist is consulted only when there are significant costs or irretrievable errors. However, by consulting a specialist in the field at the right time, you can avoid cumbersome problems.

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